Daniel Pitino Shelter needs community’s help

Daniel Pitino Shelter needs community’s help

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) -The Daniel Pitino shelter has been a community staple for 25 years, but now the shelter that typically helps people is crying for help for money to stay afloat.

“I hear their stories," Andrea Payne the case manager at the shelter said. "I’ve seen what they’ve been through. And it’s sad. We make a huge difference in their lives.”

“They (the funds) are going to dry up very quickly without the help of the community," Kathy Wright the board chair for the shelter said.

After the Daniel Pitino Foundation was no longer able to support the shelter and the shelter was denied for HUD funding- federal funding that made up almost 75% of the budget, the shelter is worried it won't be able to stay open more than a year with what they have now.

“We don’t want to rely on one large source ever again," Wright said. "Because when the rug gets pulled out from underneath you, you have nothing left.”

That’s why the shelter is asking 2,500 people to donate $25 a month. They feel with the recurring small donations they’ll be able to continue to help people like Myndy.

“I don’t know any other resource like the Pitino shelter that can do what they do to help people in my situation, many other situations with the people that are here in this little village, to get back on our feet and make it out there," Myndy Buckman a resident of the shelter said.

For residents like Myndy, this place is what got her back on her feet, and she can't imagine the doors closing.

“Thank you’s just not enough," she said. "I’m going to have to come back and volunteer and put my time in to help other people.”

If you would like to make a donation, you can do it online on the Daniel Pitino shelter’s website as well as drop off any donation at the Shelter in Owensboro

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