Gabe’s Tower is still standing: What’s next?

Gabe’s Tower is still standing: What’s next?

OWENENSBORO, KY. (WFIE) - It’s been four months since the city of Owensboro announced plans to buy Gabe’s Tower.

They said they wanted to tear it down, but it’s still standing, and the city still doesn’t officially own it.

The current owner, Bob Zimmerman, says the lien took some time but should be close to being resolved.

City officials say they need federal funds to demolish the building.

They’ve had to go through Section 106 process, which applies to all buildings that are older than 50 years.

That's to make sure that no historic buildings are being torn down.

There's still no guarantee it will be torn down.

The city will seek requests for proposals for the building for possible revitalization.

Gabe’s Tower lies in the heart of the Triplett Twist area.

City Manager Nate Pagan says that he looks forward to a change at the tower to finish the neighborhood revitalization.

“The city has spent a considerable amount of resources and time and funds to renovate the Triplett Twist area and make updates there. So until we are able to address the tower, it’s hard to feel complete in the Triplett Twist," said Pagan.

Owner Bob Zimmerman says he’s hopeful the deal will be finalized in the next few weeks.

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