911 fees ordinance passes 2nd reading

911 fees ordinance passes 2nd reading

HENDERSON CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Fiscal court members held their second reading of the 911 fees ordinance Tuesday, a proposal that would move 911 fees from the phone to the water bill in Henderson County

The ordinance passed unanimously in the meeting which means, starting at the first of the year, you’ll be seeing those fees on your water bill.

They also increased the fee by 75 cents, making it now $3.25.

County Judge Executive Brad Schneider tells us that moving fee from the phone bill to the water bill is a necessary move.

With people now ditching landlines, water is something that everyone needs and will pay for.

“And the end result of all of this is to make sure that we adequately fund our 911 service," Schneider said. "When people hit 911, they need to know somebody competent is on the other line that we can get to them quickly. And that really is what this is all about, just making sure we have the most up to date emergency 911 service we can possibly have.”

Now the ordinance moves to the City Board of Commissioners to be voted on.

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