Tri-State Food Bank experiencing food surplus

Tri-State Food Bank has food surplus

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Tri-State Food Bank Executive Director Glenn Roberts believes it is a good problem to have.

Much of the items inside the warehouse at Tri-State Food Bank would have been exported overseas, but because of international tariffs, it has all been redistributed here by the USDA. Although it may be a blessing, it has also posed some challenges.

“Well it is all so perishable, so we have to get it in and out and our cooler is to the max right now," said Roberts.

So full that the food bank has already ordered another storage cooler for the overflow of goods.

“All of this food is in the aisle of the cooler, and you’re not supposed to have the aisle filled with food," said Roberts. "It makes it very difficult for the product in the back.”

Fortunately for the food bank, the USDA has offered to help pay for the added costs of storage and additional manpower.

“No joke, this has been a real challenge for them but they do an enormous job to get this food in and out as quickly as possible,” said Roberts.

All of the food will soon arrive at local pantries and soup kitchens as usual. But Roberts says they have further plans to distribute the additional inventory.

“We will also put together a mobile pantry," said Roberts. “We’ll put food on a truck and go out to a food dessert and be able to give the food directly to people and we are finding several avenues to distribute the food.”

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