Daviess Co. FD creating new team to help fight fires

Daviess Co. FD creating new team to help fight fires

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - The fire department is asking for extra help from volunteer firefighters in the area for a new incident response team.

The incident response team will help the Daviess County Fire Department when they need more hands on deck.

Often times, even at routine fires, firefighters need more man power to be able to fight the fire effectively.

“They can only do so much until they have to be rehabbed," explained Chief Dwane Smeathers. "Or they can make mistakes when they’re exhausted.”

The Advanced Large Incident Response Team (ALIRT) will be made up of volunteer firefighters in Daviess county. After a physical agility test to make the team, they would then respond to large emergencies where more people are needed.

Chief Smeathers says this will not only help them, but give volunteer firefighters more experience and exposure.

“I think it’ll be a huge asset for our department and all of our volunteer departments, the whole community,” explained Chief Smeathers.

The fire chief tells me that they are hoping to have two or three firefighters from each volunteer station to be on the new alert team.

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