AKC dog show in Owensboro

AKC dog show in Owensboro

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - There are dogs everywhere you look inside the Owensboro Convention Center this weekend. Conventions and shows like this can be a big gain for the local community.

“They’re here for the dog show, they’re staying in our hotels, they’re eating in our downtown restaurants, they’re filling their giant RV’s with gas," Dave Kirk with Visit Owensboro said. "It’s just a wonderful thing for everyone here in Owensboro.”

The dog show has become a staple in Owensboro, bringing in a strong crowd each year. This year 3,000 dogs alone from across the country.

Dog show organizers say it’s because of how convenient everything is.

“It’s very accommodating," Charles Edwards the Show Chair for the Southern Indiana Kennel Club said. "We have nice hotels on both sides with nice restaurants. A lot of restaurants in downtown Owensboro are in walking distance.”

And thanks to downtown improvements as well as another dog show backing out of the same weekend, show organizers envision the show to get a lot larger next year,

“The city of Owensboro is doing a great job of making improvements downtown," Edwards said. "Just like they finished the parking garage. That’s huge because parking is usually a huge issue at dog shows.”

“When your events are something you can respect and they understand that once you come to Owensboro, not only is while you’re here going to be well run, but all of the fun things around you are going to be entertaining," Kirk said. "They’re going to come back and that’s why we’re seeing such growth in this.”

The dog show continues Saturday and Sunday at the Convention Center starting at 8 a.m. each day. Adults are $5 and seniors and kids are $3.

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