Tri-State man’s WWII dog tags found in Italy

Evansville man’s WWII dog tags found in Italy

McLean Co., Ky. (WFIE) - A dog tag lost for 75 years was returned to the rightful family.

Marion Yates entered the service in 1943 in Evansville.

He was overseas in Italy for two years, but when he was there he lost one of his dog tags. That was until someone found it with a metal detector.

The dog tag ended up with an Israeli genealogy company.

Keith Yates, Marion’s son, was contacted by the company. The company and Keith compared the dog tag to Marion’s army number. It was a match.

The dog tag eventually was mailed to Yates’ house.

“A lady called me from Israel. She told me it was going to come," says Keith. “After so long a period of time, I just put it in the back of my mind, well that’s not going to happen. And then when it did happen, I opened that package and there’s that tag and this letter I said ‘wow, I can’t believe this. This is impossible.’”

Since receiving the dog tag, Keith has had some time to reflect on his dad and his career.

“To think, what did he do while he was over there, how did he lose it," wonders Keith. "What was he doing when he lost it. That he kept one, or he got punished for losing it, how many push ups did he have to do or something like that.”

Keith hopes to pass on his fathers story to his grandchildren, now with one more piece of his life.

Keith tells us he might give his fathers’ memorabilia to a local museum so everyone can enjoy the piece of history.

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