Local NAACP provides update on investigation into EVSC student’s arrest

Local NAACP provides update on investigation into EVSC student’s arrest

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - On Wednesday, the Evansville NAACP met to discuss an issue that involved a 14-year-old EVSC student and the EPD.

A video shared on social media earlier this month showed officers arresting a teenager outside a school bus. The video resulted in some criticism of the officers.

NAACP President Reverend Gerald Arnold says that the dialogue between the local NAACP and Evansville Police Department is open. He met with Chief of Police Billy Bolin last week.

“The conversation was respectful and productive,” said Arnold.

Arnold says he and the department have disagreements regarding the officer’s actions. But he wants to make sure everyone involved in the case, including the EVSC, is working together.

“We all live in this community, okay? And we need to talk to one another. If you burn everything down, the end results says that you did it because you want to get to the table to talk. We just chose to do it proactively," said Arnold.

But Arnold says his own investigation doesn't stop after his conversation with Chief Bolin.

“I’m not questioning how they got trained. My question is, can it be critiqued to address certain situations?" said Arnold.

Arnold says the NAACP has also reached out to the teenager's mother to offer help, but have not received a response. Reverend Arnold says his next step is to speak with EVSC officials.

“And we just need to understand the school corporation’s policy a little bit better with regards to the driver calling the police department or what other kind of interventions could have taken place,” said Arnold.

Despite the criticism that the incident has drawn, Arnold believes all involved want the same end result.

“That everybody is safe, everybody is protected under the law. And if something needs to be tweaked, then we’re going to talk about that and try to work to that conclusion," said Arnold.

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