Evansville Museum hosts 3rd annual Comic-Con

Evansville Museum hosts 3rd annual Comic-Con

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Evansville Museum hosted it’s third annual “Geek and Comic-Con” event Saturday.

The event is devoted to celebrating the arts, science, and history of geek culture.

Those who were in attendance could shop from a large variety of comic vendors. Many people came out in their favorite cosplay costumes and participated in costume contests.

The museum has several special guests who are originally from the area.

Award-winning graphic novelists Nate Powell, Kyle Starks, and Chris Scweizer were guests of honor. Visual effects director Kent Estep was also a guest of honor.

One local artist says that events like these are a great way to introduce children to their line of work.

“You can be from here, and do all sorts of fun jobs," Chirs Scweizer, said. "It’s easy to think that these jobs are confined to coastal areas. But you can work from anywhere. And I think that it’s nice that to be able to talk to people about the opportunities that are available to them.”

The museum’s guests of honor also participated in panel discussions throughout the day.

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