USI students move in for new semester

USI students move in for new semester

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It’s back to school time and that means the start of college for the class of 2023.

It’s move in day for the University of Southern Indiana. Some freshmen students say they are excited, but nervous.

Braden Faith is right out of high school from English, Indiana and says he’s still getting used to the idea of being away from home.

“The high school I went to for my senior year anyways was really, really, really small," said Faith. "Like everybody knew everybody kind of deal. So moving to a big area like this is kind of freaky.”

Some freshmen are a little bit nervous about moving into college. One USI graduate, who was in their position 18-years ago has some advice.

“Sometimes it takes a while to kind of get your routine down, your schedule down, figure things out," said USI graduate and employee, Andrea Gentry. “But just stay with it. It’ll all work itself out. And USI again, it’s a great place to be.”

Sophomore Matthew Goodman agrees and encourages new students to get involved.

“Try and do things that are out of your comfort zone a little bit," said Goodman. “But it’ll probably most likely pay out in the end.”

Classes at USI will begin Monday, August 19.

USI students move in for new semester

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