Daviess Co. bridge closed after being damaged by truck

Daviess Co. bridge closed after being damaged by truck

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - A truck hauling scrap metal damaged a bridge so badly Kentucky Transportation officials immediately closed it.

KY-81 is closed at Panther Creek Bridge in southern Daviess County.

Transportation officials tell us some of the scrap metal hanging off the truck struck the bridge and severely damaged the superstructure.

“The bridge was in really good shape and we were thinking ‘okay it’s good for another 20-25 years here,’" Keith Todd with KYTC said. "And then it gets by a truck that has some steel hanging off of it.”

KYTC officials say the bridge cannot be opened until “substantial repairs” are made. Those officials said the closure will likely be for an extended period of time.

The Roam Inn has been in Daviess County since the 70s. They’re worried they’ll soon have to close on Sunday’s to save money because of loss of business.

“People think that the entire road is closed." Victoria Austin, bartender with the Roam Inn, said. "And no one knows that they can come here. But, we’re here (laughs).”

Kentucky transportation officials are working to figure out if the bridge can even be repaired and if so how much money it'll cost and how long it'll take.

“If it does have to go, we will hate to see it go," Todd said. "But, sometimes things happen.”

And for small businesses in the area, they miss the through traffic and worry about the idea of all the customers lost each day.

“We’re literally their last stop for booze before they get home," Ausin said "And all of that’s lost because they’re having to turn around or go down Keller or something and head to a different store on their way because I wouldn’t want to back track either.”

Drivers will have to detour using Highway 431 South.

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