Update to be given on Countryview Subdivision Drain Project at Henderson Board of Commissioners meeting

Update to be given on Countryview Subdivision Drain Project at Board of Commissioners meeting

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - The Henderson Board of Commissioners is expected to hear an update on the status of the Countryview Subdivision Drain project at Tuesday night’s meeting.

This project has been ongoing for the last year.

In October 2018, 14 News met Ilex Drive resident Dora Betz. Before the work, she told us that her yard would flood.

[Project bringing storm drainage to 1950s built Henderson subdivision]

“These ditches would just be full of water, and the water would be there for sometimes weeks at a time,” Betz explained.

Now, the drain work on Ilex Drive is complete, the only complaint from Betz is the road patchwork.

“They’re gonna have to evidently redo the roads because it messed up the roads pretty bad,” Betz said.

City Manager Buzzy Newman told 14 News the Board of Commissioners will hear an update on this project. One of the updates they expect to hear, Newman said, is a plan to repave the road.

Around the corner, on Sutton Drive, Betz said there is a lot of standing water, and there hasn’t been any new storm drains installed.

Sutton Drive resident, Jeff Lawless, said sometimes rain will flood his front yard. Flooding which he said can sometimes stretch up to the pear tree in the middle of his yard.

He also said water can get into some of his neighbors’ houses.

Newman said construction on Sutton Drive is anticipated to start in late fall or early winter of 2020.

The entire project could last for six years.

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