Main St. work moving on time; businesses asking for community support

Main St. work moving on time; businesses asking for community support

Mt. Vernon, Ind. (WFIE) - Summer construction projects are well underway in Mt. Vernon.

One of the biggest projects is happening on Main Street. It’s a work in progress, but progress is moving right along for the sidewalks and roadwork.

“You can see a lot more what it’s going to look like when it’s completed, so people are happy with that,” said Mt. Vernon Mayor Bill Curtis.

The sidewalks and roadwork are just one piece of several projects the city has received grants for to revitalize the area.

“The sewer the waterline the new lights, it’s about $4 million dollars,” Mayor Curtis said.

The sidewalk project is right on time, and though local businesses knew it was coming, they weren’t ready for the impact it would have. “A lot of people were thinking we were closed,” said Kristina Carlson, The owner of Riverbend Grill.

Carlson opened Riverbend Grill on Main Street last year in 2018, but the construction is something she’s working hard to ride out.

“Business did go down a lot," Carlson explained. "I lost 75 percent of my business, when the construction started.”

Riverbend Grill is the only locally owned, sit down, farm-to-table, breakfast joint in town. Carlson wants the community to know they aren’t losing hope, because things are starting to look up.

“This past week, my business has doubled again, because the sidewalks are done, so people are walking up and down it more,” said Carlson.

The Mayor said these projects are all in an effort to bring a younger generation to Mt. Vernon and attract more businesses to the area for years to come. Main Street road and sidewalk work is expected to be complete around November of 2019.

Other businesses on Main Street, like 3 Chicks Fudgery, want the community to know they are also staying open during construction and they too appreciate the communities support during this time.

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