Drainage improvements underway at Stoplight City Park

Drainage improvements underway at Stoplight City Park

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Crews have removed playground equipment at the Stoplight City Park in Evansville. It’s the first step in a project to improve the drainage at the playground.

Nathan Hayes was one of a few Evansville Parks and Recreation employees who helped remove the last bit of playground equipment at Stoplight City Park on Tuesday.

He has seen the drainage problems here and knows this work is necessary to fix it.

“Even the lightest of rains, it would be standing water, and you’d have the mulch floating around everywhere,” Hayes said.

Although Stoplight City is a murky mess right now, it made the drainage problem crystal clear for Hayes once they broke ground.

“The groundwater is pretty bad around here. I mean, just yesterday before it even started raining, each scoop that we took out, it would instantly just fill up with water,” Hayes said.

Underneath the soil is a lot of clay. Simply, there is nowhere for the water to go. Now that the equipment has been removed, the improvement process begins.

“It’s a low area in that park. We had an engineer work with us on that. We’re going to bring in some topsoil and raise that area of the playground so that it drains better. Improve the drainage, and underground as well,” said Parks Department Executive Director Brian Holtz.

The Parks Department plans to get the playground re-installed by early fall, which will include two new pieces of equipment. Although the drainage issue is not ideal, Holtz says he is not bothered by it.

“It’s all part of it, I think obviously, we want to get it right and looking at some alternatives to doing that so, again, I don’t see it as a delay. Just making sure that we do it right and do it well," said Holtz.

They hope to have this complete and reinstalled by early fall. For now, the focused is on getting soil in that will be conducive for drainage.

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