City council meeting concerning Henderson Municipal Golf Course

Proposal to change course into cross country course for local schools

City council meeting concerning Henderson Municipal Golf Course

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - The Henderson City Council is meeting Tuesday about a proposal to turn the old Henderson Municipal Golf Course into a running course for local schools.

A month ago, the course was filled with golfers until it was closed down at the beginning of July.

A new course has since opened across town, but with this land being unused, cross country coach Coral Haynes had the idea to take this space and turn it into a running course.

“The high school doesn’t really have a place to host meets and then about 5 years ago, Spottsville Elementary was the first school to have a team outside of the high school,” Haynes said.

The coach got the help of parent Desiré Smith to draft a proposal.

“We have people that run that want to be in with nature and there’s not a lot of grassy trails around here. I mean we have a lot of parks but they’re not geared towards runners,” Smith said.

Smith is bringing the proposal to the meeting Tuesday night.

She tells 14 news the land would be not just for cross country use, but everyone in the neighborhood would be free to use it, and there could even be 5K runs planned on it.

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