Owner charged with animal cruelty after 30 cats removed from home

Owner charged with animal cruelty after 30 cats removed from home - clipped version

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Officials with the Daviess County Animal Shelter say they have rescued more than 30 cats from one home.

Authorities say the owner of the home, Phillip Gray, was charged with second degree cruelty to animals. They say the living conditions for the cats were horrible.

“The ammonia smell and the feces smell was overwhelming," Animal Control Director Ashley Thompson said. "The cats litter boxes hadn’t been changed in quite some time and they were using, basically using the house as a litter box.”

Thompson says it’s difficult to see these types of situations because it all could have been avoided.

“Definitely frustrating because it could have been prevented with the first initial cats being spayed and neutered," Thompson explained. "It’s not fair to these cats. They didn’t ask to be kept in this house and living in these conditions that aren’t good for them.”

Thompson says most of the adult cats are not social and have upper respiratory issues, which increases their chance to be euthanized. Eight kittens still need a foster home.

30 cats taken from home, owner charged with animal cruelty

If you think you can help contact the Daviess County Animal Shelter at 270-685-8275.

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