Sheriff’s office: Callers pose as deputies to take your money

Sheriff’s office: Callers pose as deputies to take your money

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - In Daviess County, deputies say residents are getting phone calls from someone posing as law enforcement to try and take your money.

They say that someone is calling people in the area claiming to be Major Bill Thompson with the sheriff’s office. The call appears to be coming from the sheriff’s office actual phone number, making it even more believable.

Deputies say the caller claims there’s a warrant out for that person’s arrest and the resident must pay the caller through gift cards to get rid of it.

Deputies say this isn’t the first time callers like this have claimed to be with their office.

Major Barry Smith says it’s frustrating to see they’re using names of authorities to trick community members.

“People need to also realize, like I said, that we will not ask for any kind of money," Major Smith said. “We most certainly will not ask for you to go buy a green card or any other kind of gift cards and give them numbers over the telephone. All this stuff is just key stuff that you have to realize that it’s scams.”

If you think you’ve received one of these calls, contact the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office at 270-685-8444.

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