Police: Drunk driver speeds down Lloyd at 95 mph

Police: Drunk driver speeds down Lloyd at 95 mph

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Two people were arrested early Tuesday morning after police say one of them drove 95 mph on the Lloyd Expressway, while intoxicated.

An officer says he was stopped at a red light at John St. and NW 3rd Street around 1 a.m., when a Jeep passed him in the right lane and ran the light.

Police say the driver sped up up the ramp to the Lloyd, and reached 95 mph.

Officers say the car would not stop for them, and they could see movement going on inside the car.

They say the car drove onto Highway 41, swerved all over the lanes, and drove through a median.

Police say the car eventually stopped at a gas station on Washington Ave.

They say the passenger and driver seemed to be fighting and would not obey commands to turn off the car and get out.

Officers say the driver, Jasmine Campbell, and passenger, Howard Phipps, eventually got out of the car.

They say Campbell smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes, and she was stumbling.

Police say she admitted to drinking a shot of tequila at Scores night club.

Officers say Phipps is a habitual traffic offender for life, and they asked Campbell if the two switched seats while they were driving.

They say Campbell told them Phipps started out driving when they left the nightclub, but they stopped and switched because Phipps was too drunk to drive.

Phipps is facing a charge of driving while being a habitual traffic offender. His mugshot was not available.

Campbell is charged with resisting law enforcement, OMVWI refusal, and reckless driving.

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