How an Ala. sex crime suspect faked his death to flee the country

Updated: Aug. 12, 2019 at 6:02 PM CDT
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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Law enforcement officers sometimes have to travel the world to get their man. And that’s exactly what investigators from three north Alabama departments did.

This week, Jackson Hall admitted to faking his own death and running away when he pleaded guilty to federal charges of Social Security fraud and aggravated identity theft.

After four years of searching for Hall, law enforcement found him teaching English classes in Thailand.

Authorities say it took several federal, state and local agencies to track him down.

Morgan County deputies responded to a call on the U.S. 231 bridge leading to Lacey’s Spring in early 2015. Deputies found a single boot, a wallet and a blood-like substance.

Northern Alabama U.S. Attorney Jay Town says deputies believed it was a falsified crime scene when they arrived.

At the time, Hall was facing rape charges in Cullman County.

Now, he still faces those charges as well as charges of indecent exposure in Madison County and identity theft in Morgan County.

In his plea agreement, Hall admitted using someone else’s identification to get a driver’s license and passport.

Town says investigators tracked Hall’s movements from the time he left a Huntsville bus station and made his way to Canada. Investigators say he used false identification and a fake passport to fly across the US...he then made his way to Japan and ended up in Thailand.

Town says capturing Hall was a team effort.

“Certainly the purpose of his travel was to evade capture, evade detection, to avoid law enforcement. And but for the operation of a variety of agencies, the state department, office of inspector generals, local agencies, the Madison and Morgan County sheriff’s department, certainly our DA here in Madison County along with my office and the FBI and other three-letter agencies working together in concert to bring Mr. Hall to justice, he’d still be in Thailand right now,” said Town.

Hall is now facing federal, state and local charges.

A Morgan County Sheriff’s Office spokesman says they’re waiting for his federal charges to play out before he’s prosecuted in Morgan County.

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