Declan Carroll, apprentice jockey has 9 wins this summer

Declan Carroll, apprentice jockey has 9 wins this summer

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - Apprentice jockey, Declan Carroll, got his ninth win of the summer Sunday at Ellis. He also has seven seconds and seven thirds in 61 starts.

He is currently sitting eighth in the Ellis jockey standings, above regular riders Gabriel Saez, Calvin Borel and David Cohen in the earnings column.

“I’ve had a lot of great help and my agent Joe Pauli has done a great job, and I try to make him look good and if you do well, hopefully, you get good mounts,” Carroll said. “My father was a trainer for many years, so I’ve been growing up in it my whole life from just being around it and just seeing all my friends being jockey. I just love feel of the horse and the horse power and that feeling is something I couldn’t get doing anything else.”

“he’s doing real good right now,” head trainer Kenneth Miller said. “He’s run four for me, and we’ve had three wins and a third. He’s probably got a lot of jocks in this room that’s probably helping him out a lot. He listens, I mean, he doesn’t try to tell you how to run your horses. He listens to what you got to say and goes out there and takes care of business.”

The 20-year-old Declan Carroll has been red-hot this weekend. He won two races Friday and two more Saturday.

He now has 24 career wins, well on his way to losing that apprentice title.

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