Superintendent says schools left with faculty shortage after system shift

Superintendent says schools left with faculty shortage after system shift

DUBOIS CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Northeast Dubois School Corporation is struggling to fill their teacher assistant positions.

The teacher assistant shortage at Northeast Dubois Schools affects everyone in the corporation from administrators to teachers and students. The superintendent tells us they’re trying to fill these positions, but its been a challenge.

“Our teaching positions, we’re getting less people who want to be teachers," said Northeast Dubois Middle School Principal Ryan Case. “And then ultimately it’s hard to find assistants because those were the pool of people we picked from as well.”

The superintendent says new graduates with teaching degrees used to fill up the assistant positions until they could find a job as an educator. But now they’re getting hired right out of college.

Another challenge: school officials say they also can’t afford to keep teaching assistants as full time employees anymore. So they’re paid less and aren’t offered benefits.

“Often times if we don’t have enough assistants we have to think outside of the box with making sure we meet all the needs of the students," said Audrey Lichliter, resource teacher, Northeast Dubois Middle School.

And this shortage is trickling down to the students, especially those with special education needs.

“What we’ve been able to do is group some kids with like disabilities together in the same class so that one assistant can work with a handful of students rather than just one or two," said Bill Hochgesang, superintendent Northeast Dubois School Corporation.

Right now, Northeast Dubois is looking to fill three to four teacher assistant positions. You can click the link above to apply.

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