Officials say stress levels rise in students during back to school

Officials: student stress levels rise during back to school

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Now that students are back in class, it’s important to make sure they’re back in a routine.

Experts say that having a solid routine is one way to combat the stress that comes along with the start of school.

“We see a lot more anxiety in students when they start going back to school," said Chelsey Woolsey, a Clinical Social Worker with Deaconess Hospital. "We see a big increase in our counseling during those times. And definitely with students we already see, we see that kind of up-tick and the anxiety starts to happen.”

To some, it may seem like the back to school blues, but Woolsey says that the problem can be much more serious than that.

“Anxiety typically manifests more as like anger and behavioral issues and then students tend to start to lean towards using drugs and things like that to try to counteract the stress that they’re feeling," Woolsey said. “Getting ahead of it is so much better than waiting until we’re in the full blown throws of panic.”

And for students it can be easier said than done.

“We know that they’re in school all day long and then they have to come home and do homework and trying to manage and balance that with work and other family activities," Woolsey said.

According to Woolsey, there are a few simple things you can do to help manage stress and keep anxiety under control.

“We all need to be in a good routine, so making sure you’re getting that routine down with that adequate sleep and making sure you’re getting up and eating breakfast and doing self care: brushing your teeth and taking a shower," said Woolsey. "Doing the things that seem really small and minor, those things are going to be so beneficial because that’s what kinds of keeps us in a good space.”

Officials with Deaconess say that if your child seems to be getting stressed out as the school year progresses, make sure they know there are resources available to help both in, and outside of school.

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