IN Gov. Holcomb signs bills focusing on mental health, student safety

IN Gov. Holcomb signing bills focusing on mental health, student safety

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Indiana Governor Holcomb traveled to Mt. Vernon on Friday to sign a pair of bills focusing on mental health and student safety.

That first bill would develop plans by supporting parents of at-risk students through a grant. To be eligible for that grant there must be processes in place for teachers to notify school officials and parents of a student’s unusual behavior.

”These investments and policy decisions that were making again collectively regarding school safety and mental health and improved preparedness are going to make our schools safer,” said Governor Holcomb.

The second bill, authored by Representative Wendy McNamara, would focus on school resource officers who will no longer be funded through the Safe Schools Fund. Schools will now be able to use that fund to employ a law enforcement officer.

”It allows access for the first time to small schools, before it was somewhat out of reach for schools of this size to be able to apply for these grants,” said Representative McNamara.

We spoke with the new superintendent of the MSD of Mt. Vernon about what this day means for the school district.

“School safety is paramount; we have to have a safe environment for our students to learn appropriately," explained MSD of Mt. Vernon Superintendent Dr. Matt Thompson. "We love the fact that they are signing this into effect. It’s going to put more pressure on the schools to do the right thing and have things like active shooter drills within the first 90 days.”

Bill 1004 focuses on school safety. It provides schools access to the secured schools fund allowing them to have access to things like bulletproof glass and law enforcement officers paid for through the fund.

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