EPD responds after video shows student being arrested

EPD says officers force ‘justifiable’ in student’s arrest

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Evansville Police are responding to a video posted online showing a student being arrested after an alleged fight on the school bus.

The incident happened Thursday at Gum and Southeast Eighth Streets. The student tried to get away after jumping out through the rear emergency exit of the bus while officers were collecting information from students such as their names.

In the body camera video released Friday, you can see a juvenile being detained and even hit in the back several times by a female officer.

After an internal review, EPD leaders say the actions of these officers are justified. In a Facebook post EPD said: “Based on the totality of the circumstances, the force used was ruled justifiable.”

EPD releases body camera video of Thursday incident with student

Their review revealed she used an empty hand technique while hitting a strike point approved by EPD.

“It’s not designed to cause any permanent injury or long term pain," explained EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum "A lot of things we do involve nerve bundles.”

The boy was eventually led off to the police cruiser where officers found out he lied about his name.

Reverend William Payne knows the boy through mentoring programs and says he believes the boy was in the wrong, but wants to address police actions.

“To try to get to the bottom of why a 14-year-old was handled the way he was being handled,” Reverend Payne stated.

Payne added he would like to see a separate agency investigate how the officers acted.

“Justifiable or not, it had already damaged the fractured relationship between the community as well as the police department,” explained Reverend Payne.

EPD added because of limited cooperation they were only able to figure out one of the two people in the fight. The investigation also showed a second boy also gave officers a fake name.

While this situation was unfolding, two students ran away from the bus but both of them were later identified.

Sgt. Cullum added this situation could have been easily avoided if the students would have cooperated.

“Out on the street, he made it very clear he wasn’t going to follow simple instructions,” Sgt. Cullum stated.

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