KY Gov. Bevin signs 4 anti-abortion bills

4 new anti-abortion bills signed by KY. Gov. Bevin on Thurs.

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Governor Matt Bevin signed four new anti-abortion bills Thursday at the Daviess County Court House.

Here are the bills he signed:

  • Senate Bill 9 is known as the heartbeat bill. It bans abortion after detection of a fetal heartbeat.
  • Senate Bill 50 requires doctors present information to patients about the reversal of medication abortions.
  • House Bill 5 bans abortions based on sex, race, or perceived disability.
  • House Bill 148 states if Roe v. Wade is overturned abortions will be banned in Kentucky.

Three of the bills were sponsored by legislators from Western Kentucky.

“People of western Kentucky are very strongly and appropriately on the side of life," Governor Bevin stated. "Meant a lot to me to be out here to celebrate with these bill sponsors and the people who sent them to Frankfort.”

One of the measures, SB9, known as the heart beat bill, bans abortions after detection of a fetal heartbeat.

“There were 90-year-olds, there were newborns here to celebrate the gift of human life," Governor Bevin added. "What a gift. I’m just grateful to be the governor of a state where people value human life.”

Governor Bevin has nine children, four of them are adopted, which seemed to resonate with some in attendance.

“My son, my only child, is 37-years-old," Donna Lanham said. "And I would not have him had his mother not made the decision to give him up for adoption so I am very grateful.”

A handful of protesters stood with signs on the lawn of the court house in opposition.

“The woman’s body has no place in the government,” Alicea Cox told 14 News.

“This issue, frankly, isn’t about faith," explained Governor Bevin. "It’s about science. It’s about medicine. It’s about morality. It’s about who among us even remotely can think we can justify the taking of an innocent life when we know for a fact that’s exactly what it is.”

The push from local legislators seems to put this part of the state on the map.

“And you can rest assured I’m a governor who understands there’s part of Kentucky west of I-65,” Governor Bevin smiled.

He was joined by anti-abortion bill sponsors, including Matt Castlen and Robby Mills among others. Governor Bevin was also presented with the “Friend of Life” award for his work in this area.

Over the last three-years, Governor Bevin has worked with the general assembly to enact half a dozen other anti-abortion measures.

Gov. Bevin signing 4 pro-life bills

After the bill signing, Governor Bevin attended at party out in east Daviess County at Castlen Steel, the family business of Kentucky State Senator Matt Castlen.

Castlen and his wife, Laura, threw a meet and greet, pig roast, and fireworks show in honor of the Governor.

You might call this a low pressure fundraiser. The invitation read "contributions are appreciated, but not required."

Governor Bevin is running for re-election against Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear.

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