Law enforcement patrolling school zones as kids return for new year

Law enforcement patrolling school zones as kids return for new year

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Law enforcement officials were out cracking down on stop-arm violations as EVSC students and teachers made their return to schools for the new year.

Areas like the one outside of Cynthia Heights Elementary School can get pretty hectic in the afternoon when school is dismissed. So you will be seeing local law enforcement outside of just about every EVSC school from now until September 13.

They will be checking for your speed and especially making sure that people stop when a school bus is stopped to let children out.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s deputies are urging drivers to keep school buses and kids in mind while on the road.

“Have a little due diligence and anticipate that school bus stopping," explained Deputy Jared Wagner. "If you see one, just know that probably have kids on board and they’re probably going to be stopping and letting kids off. Whether it’s two lanes or multi lanes, that is what we are trying to prevent is these unwanted deaths of children that are just going to and from school. A lot of distractions nowadays in the cars. It happens, I’m not saying people do it intentionally but that is what we are trying to crack down on.”

Not only will law enforcement be patrolling school zones, they will also be following many of these buses on their routes.

Sheriff’s deputies hope this will remind drivers to be aware and keep the children safe.

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