Henderson’s first Boys and Girls Club officially opens

Henderson’s first Boys and Girls Club official opens

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - The new Boys and Girls Club is now open.

Officials cut the ribbon on Wednesday and followed it by welcoming kids after school.

Henderson has never had its own boys and girls club and we spoke to one parent who is very glad they now do.

“This is our first time here so we’re excited to see if he’s gonna like it and how much difference it’s gonna make," said Danielle Chase. "We’re super excited just for them to have a little bit of help after school and to give them something else to do besides come home and play video games. He’ll get to meet more friends just a broader variety of people and hopefully he gets in with the right crowd, but I think in here it’ll be awesome.”

With the closing of many after school programs in the community, the only other place for kids to go when the school day ends is the YMCA.

“We see kids ages six to eighteen that come through our doors that may need just a smile, they may need some type of financial support, education, some type of healthy lifestyle. So that’s what we’re about every single day at the club,” said Steve Winkler, CEO Cliff Hagan Boys and Girls Club.

They already have over 80 kids sign up and expect plenty more. The Boys and Girls Club is located at Community Baptist Church on Pebble Creek Drive.

Membership fees are $12 per child for the entire year.

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