Groups team together to help keep Owensboro kids away from violence

Groups team together to help keep Owensboro kids away from violence

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Some citizens want to see changes to steer children away from violence through earlier curfews.

Two local groups are working to change the curfew in Owensboro to keep the youth off the streets past 11 p.m. Currently, the curfew now is 1 a.m. for all minors.

Groups like My Brother’s Keeper thinks that needs to change.

“It helps control what they do," My Brother’s Keeper Founder Timothy Collier explained. "The hours that they’re out there and kind of helps the violence go down also.”

The idea was brought up at Tuesday’s City Commission meeting. My Brother’s Keeper and another group, Breaking The Cycle, have teamed up to make the change happen.

“I don’t like seeing people around my age and the youth and general going to jail, so it kind of came from the incarceration rates," explained Founder of Breaking the Cycle Brionna Greer "And then when I was home this summer I came and connected with My Brother’s Keeper because they were stressing the gun violence and I thought we could come together as a team.”

“We just want to make little changes over a period of time so we can help our youth today and for in the future,” Grace McIntosh, My Brother’s Keeper, said.

The mayor told the groups that he would take the idea into consideration. Leaders with My Brother’s Keeper are meeting with the police chief on Wednesday to work out a solution.

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