Owensboro teachers gear up for new school year

Owensboro teachers gear up for new school year

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The new school year starts Wednesday for many students in the Tri-State. 14 News talked with the superintendent and teachers who are excited about the new year at Owensboro Public Schools.

The day before school starts, every single teacher and employee of the Owensboro school district gathers to get ready for the new school year

“We can all get together and just get pumped up, and know that every single person in that gym is here for our students and our kids and just make a difference in every life," Tiffany Hoffman a kindergarten teacher at Sutton Elementary said.

Teachers got pumped up at the opening day celebration, but all eyes were on Dr. Nick Brake as it was his last first day at OPS.

“It’s a great time for our district and it’s good to see everything going well," Dr. Brake said. "Hard to leave under those circumstances, but it’s also a good time to leave because we’re in great hands.”

Dr. Brake says it’s a bittersweet time, but he said he’s looking forward to some of the changes this year, including the new Emerson academy, formerly known as Gateway as well as the new iMiddle school, which is a project-based learning concept to create a better transition into the Innovation academy.

“As they move into whatever high school or whatever route they take after high school that they’re going to be prepared," Jeremiah Hinson a project lead the way facilitator at iMiddle said.

And for Dr. Brake, as he approaches his last semester, he says he will work on developing the school district for the future.

“I’m going to spend a lot of my time this fall really working and developing leadership for the future," Dr. Brake said. "And also trying to figure out how we can be as competitive as possible long term to attract the best teachers.”

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