New Mater Dei president excited to lead Wildcats into the future

New Mater Dei president excited to lead Wildcats into the future

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Students from Mater Dei High School walked through the doors Tuesday morning to start the 2019 school year.

For some students, it will be a first day inside Mater Dei. It’ll also be that way for new Mater Dei President Andy Morris.

Mater Dei's new president Andy Morris.
Mater Dei's new president Andy Morris.

“I haven’t had a first day of school in a long long time,” said Morris.

Morris’ was the first car in the parking lot of the West Side Evansville Catholic School.

“It’s exciting," Morris said. "It’s exciting to be here and helping to lead the charge here for an organization that’s been here for the last 70 years.”

Morris is taking over as the second ever president of Mater Dei High School.

He graduated from the University of Evansville in 2010 and received his MBA from Murray State in 2012. He worked in Media sales before he was nominated for the position at Mater Dei. He also served as the president of the board for the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

He says the 70-year history of Mater Dei is a great tradition that he wants to continue.

“The academic programs and the sports success in years past and give students opportunities to grow in their studies but also in those extra curricular activities that are going to guide them into the next phase in their life," Morris said. “The most important thing for any of our students right now is to be present, and to be present to everything going on around them. Put away the distractions and soak up everything that is happening in this day.”

According to Morris, meeting with the teachers and seeing the students walk in has made him excited to get started with the new position and the new school year.

“To build on this legacy," Morris said. "It’s such an exciting opportunity to be here and take Mater Dei into 80 years, into 90 years, to 100 years and beyond.”

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