Hopkins Co. schools raises pay, provides benefits to attract, keep staff

Hopkins Co. schools raises pay, provides benefits to attract, keep staff

HOPKINS COUNTY, Ky. (WFIE) - Classes start Wednesday for Hopkins County schools, and right now, they’re still working to fill several open positions.

School officials tell us being short teachers is not just a problem in Hopkins, but across the state.

Most of those positions vacant are at the high school level. Some are in their transportation department.

“There are times when we have to pay people during their planning period to pick up some extra slack,” explained District Superintendent Deanna Ashby. “Like in the areas of transportation, we all have to pick up the slack. We may have people who work in administrative positions who may have to leave their office and drive a bus.”

Superintendent Ashby thinks the shortage is because people just aren't majoring in teaching.

“I think that probably the pension discussions, as of late, have been a factor. However, I think before that perhaps lower pay,” Ashby said.

This year, the school district gave a 2 percent increase in pay across the board. The superintendent also tells me, the district provides vision and dental benefits, benefits she says other districts don’t provide.

“Everybody has been very positive about that,” Ashby said. “Our board has been very progressive in trying to do everything they can from their seats to help us fill those positions and to make those positions more attractive.”

Ashby says the good news is some of their open positions are already in the process of being filled.

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