Muhlenberg Co. schools rolls out new security system district-wide

Muhlenberg Co. schools rolls out new security system district wide

MUHLENBERG CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Muhlenberg County schools are rolling out a new security system to all of its schools that helps keep an in-depth track of visitors.

The extra level of security is a system called Raptor.

With the new system, when you’re buzzed into the school the front desk takes your drivers license. From there, your license is scanned into the Raptor system. It cross -checks your information in the national sex offender registry.

Your information is cross-checked with a database.

“From that we can determine is this someone we want in our building or not,” said Brian Lile, South Middle School Principle.

If it’s not someone they want in the building, front desk staff have a button they can press that alerts other school officials.

If you're approved, you'll be asked where in the building your visiting and the machine prints off a visitor name tag.

“Should an emergency happen,” Lile said. “We can do a quick check on whose in the building and who do we need to get an account for.”

Last school year, Muhlenberg South Middle School tested the program for the district. Now, it’s being rolled out in all Muhlenberg County Schools.

Jennifer Morris-Ruiz, a parent in the district, has a daughter who will be starting high school this year. She says with so many incidents, like recent shootings, this system gives her peace of mind.

“You can never be too cautious,” Morris-Ruiz said. “And you do think about things like that with your child being in the building and who is coming in, so it makes me feel very secure that she is being taken care of.”

When you visit the school you will also have to give your keys to the main office. This is to make sure you remember to come and sign out of the building.

In addition to the new system, the district also recently installed panic buttons in their schools.

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