Kendall-Perkins Park becomes 2nd park in city to have free Wi-Fi

Kendall-Perkins Park becomes 2nd park in city to have free wi-fi

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Hundreds of people stormed Kendall-Perkins Park this afternoon for the Northwest Alliance’s Super Sunday, an event that brought the whole community together in a fun peaceful way.

Black-owned businesses across Owensboro came together to show children what their future could look like.

“If you get half out of ten that looks up to me, or somebody else, you’ve done your job,” said business owner Eric Dunn.

The neighborhood alliance not only gave the kids role models, but they also gave them access to the internet, making Kendall-Perkins Park the second park in Owensboro to have free Wi-Fi.

“High school students that may not have Wi-Fi at home will be able to come to the park and do homework and things like that,” said board member Justin Kline.

The neighborhood alliance has a lot more in store for their community, including more events and potential murals.

This first project was one for the books.

“It was kind of a symbol of we’re not just going to wait for things to come to us, but we’re going to take some ownership, we want to be able to provide for our community,” said Kline.

Food was given out at the event, basketball games started up, and smiles were on everyone’s faces.

Many people told 14 News that it was a perfect summer night.

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