Tattoos benefit EVSC student lunch debt

Tattoos benefit EVSC student lunch debt

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Crescent City Tattoos in downtown Evansville is usually closed on Sundays, but today they were open, giving tattoos with the money going towards paying off Evansville Vanderburgh County School Corporation’s $53,000 student lunch debt.

Customers got to choose from a variety of tattoos that all cost $100 to go towards that student lunch debt.

David Knight had been wanting to get another tattoo for a while, and when he heard about Crescent City Tattoo’s EVSC fundraiser, he was all in.

For $100, Knight got an “812” tattoo, but it wasn’t just the look that intrigued him. He thought about that $53,000 student lunch debt that EVSC currently has and the kids who are walking the halls he once walked.

“I always had money in, but it was just one week where somebody forgot to load it in and they took the whole lunch away from me, and like I said, a day or two later, I was in the principal’s office,” Knight said.

Crescent City Tattoos hopes that fundraisers like this one will help alleviate that large debt. It was no surprise to the staff that dozens showed up today.

“That’s why they are here! You know, we really enjoy everybody that is a part of this and I think people are just seeing it as a way to get something cool, and give back at the same time,” said co-owner Heather Vaught.

After about a half-hour under the needle, Knight’s tattoo was finished. Although a little painful, he said that this one felt good once complete.

The tattoo artists basically worked for free Sunday with every penny going to the EVSC student lunch debt.

Monday morning, they said they had raised $5,600.

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