Otters’ bullpen dominant throughout season

Otters’ bullpen dominant throughout season

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Evansville Otters are having a solid 2019 season. The team is just 2.5 games back from first in the West division and nearing a big playoff push in the final month of the regular season.

Evansville’s bullpen has remained consistent all season despite the loss of two of their top men early in the season.

After both Patrick McGuff and Randy Wynne were called up within a week of each other, the Otters scrambled fast to find a solid rotation, and thanks to impressive performances by five of the team’s best, the Otters are sitting pretty ahead of playoff time.

“Beardsley and Welch have been outstanding all year," said Andy McCauley, Otter’s Manager. "They’ve done just a great job for us, being our consistent starters, with losing McGuff and losing Wynne, they just continue to put up quality start after quality start. You talk about guys like Vail and Nicely with the starts that they got off to, to be able to step up when we lost those guys is really what we needed. We could’ve been in a big, big disarray had those guys not stepped up and thrown the way they’ve thrown.”

“When all those guys left, that’s what the league’s for is just for guys to come out of here and go to affiliated baseball," said Tyler Vail, starting pitcher. “So I think, Max told us if we just do our jobs just a little better then what we’re capable of doing, we should be okay, and I think everyone has done that. All the starters have stepped up, all the bullpen guys have stepped up, so I think if we just keep staying with that and we just all have fun. We’re really carefree as a staff and it seems to be working. We’re doing pretty well."

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