City Church helping teachers before start of school

City Church helping teachers before start of school

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - City Church is helping some teachers before they head back to school.

Teachers had access to the church's industrial printer and copier.

Janette Allen, who is a former teacher, knows about the amount of prepping it takes to get ready for a new school year. She says the response from the teachers has been a little shocking.

They have got more than 17,000 views on social media.

“People have been wonderful," Allen stated. "They’ve been flexible and supportive. We’ve been working through some kinks with the printer today but it’s been really wonderful and people have been very grateful and gracious to us. It was really just something simple for us to do but it’s gone a long way and it seems to be really appreciated by people.”

Allen says they are hoping to extend it to a two-day event next year.

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