Road construction projects could impact return to school for EVSC students

Road construction projects could impact return to school for EVSC students

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Drivers are navigating around multiple orange traffic barrels as crews continue working on several road projects. With the first day of school just one week away, EVSC leaders are trying to keep the impact from those project minimal.

On Wednesday, a message went out to EVSC parents to let them know certain buses could be impacted by road construction, especially in the afternoons.

The transportation director has also modified individual routes as needed.

EVSC is the third largest school district across Indiana with 23,000 students and an additional 3,400 employees. Each of them return for school on Wednesday.

This summer, school district transportation leaders have been studying road construction plans and meeting with project leaders to find the best route for school buses.

We are learning a few small changes have been made to specific bus routes, but Harrison High School parents were notified there may be some general delays because of construction on the Lloyd Expressway.

The same alert went to North High School parents because of a separate project on Highway 41.

“As we’re planning ahead and trying to do anything we can to help this dismissal process go smoothly in the afternoon, we realize that these construction projects don’t just have an impact on Harrison and North, and that includes the junior high, because our elementary feeder schools that go into those schools are waiting for buses to arrive after they drop the high school students,” EVSC spokesperson Jason Woebkenberg explained.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding says his department will continue zeroing-in on both work and school zones with a significant spike in fines to reflect that. These measures are being made in an effort to keep students and construction crews safe.

“Aggressive drivers and speeders, that’s a strong concern of residents in our community," explained Sheriff Wedding. "So law enforcement, we hear the complaints and we act upon it. Then people get upset when they get a citation for speeding, but we’re trying to protect the community that we serve.”

To avoid that congestion drivers could leave earlier or wait until after the rush is over. There’s also the option to find a different route to take you where you need to go.

At any rate, allow for extra time and be patient.

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