American Queen riverboat brings in hundreds of tourists to Henderson

American Queen riverboat brings in hundreds of tourists to Henderson

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - The largest riverboat in the country, the American Queen, made a stop in Henderson.

For Henderson resident Roger Marvel, the boat is a cool spectacle to look at from the corner of Water and 2nd Street.

"I like to sit here and watch the paddle wheel go around," says Marvel. "Even though it really doesn't propel it anymore, it looks cool"

People in Henderson aren’t the only people who love the boat. Henderson Tourism Director Abby Dixon says local businesses do too.

“You know, I have stores that message me and say ‘Hey, I have my best day of the season when the riverboats come in to town. When are they coming back and how can we get more,’” explains Dixon.

While in Henderson, guests got on hop-on-hop-off tour buses. One of the stops is the downtown shopping area.

The amount of guests brought in more money than usual for some businesses.

"You know, we have a set amount that we like to do everyday, and it boosted quite a little bit," says downtown business owner Angela Comer. "You know, I mean, we love when the riverboat is here."

This tourism not only helps local businesses, but the entire city.

“Anytime you have folks coming across state lines, sometimes internationally, that are spending money, its a good thing,” says Dixon. “It lessens the tax burden on our citizens because tourists are taking care of that for us.”

Dixon tells 14 News plans to bring more riverboats to Henderson are in the works.

As for the American Queen, her next stop was down in Paducah.

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