Henderson Co. teachers lace up sneakers for annual Home Blitz

Henderson Co. teachers lace up sneakers for annual Home Blitz

HENDERSON CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Back to school is just around the corner, and teachers are preparing for the upcoming school year.

In Henderson, South Heights Elementary School teachers are visiting their students’ homes to make that face-to-face connection before they start next Wednesday.

“Its an awesome feeling to get to go on their turf and see them outside of school,” says Keevie Vincent, a teacher at South Heights.

Her and her partner, Jo Craig are 2nd and 3rd grade teachers.

As they visited houses today, students were very excited when they opened the door and realized their teacher was standing there.

The Home Blitz helps teachers build relationships with children and families.

“Once school gets started, we only see them in the school setting. Even though we make connections to home, but to physically see them in their space, it’s just a whole different kind of connection,” said Vincent.

Both teachers also find the bond between the teacher and parent very important, too. It’s something very personal to Craig, as she was once a South Heights parent.

“I see both spectrum’s," says Craig. "They welcomed me and when my son started there in the first grade, and now hes 10th grader in the high school. So, when South Heights says 1199 forever, they truly mean that.”

If your teacher missed you at your house, there is a meet the teacher night coming up Thursday for South Heights students. You can find times and information for that school and others, right here.

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