UE men’s basketball to leave for Europe Tues.

UE men’s basketball to leave for Europe Tues.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - As summer winds down, basketball season gets closer. There are just three months before the Purple Aces begin their second season under Walter McCarty, but before that, UE is going overseas.

Leaving Tuesday, the Evansville men’s basketball team will travel to London, Belgium and Paris, taking in the sites in every city, and more importantly, playing international competition.

While overseas, the Aces will play three games, the first on August 3 against the London Leopards.

With a lot of new faces on the court this season, UE is using this trip to gauge where the team’s at before the regular season.

“Hopefully it helps us in a way that we, our offensive review, how we read plays, or if they play us differently, then we just get different teams that play us different ways, that just makes us more experienced, and ready to adapt to whatever situation we may see," said head coach Walter McCarty.

“It’s gonna help us out physically and mentally cause we are gonna be running our plays and getting our team chemistry right so everything is straight for us," said sophomore forward, Deandre Williams.

“Most teams don’t get this opportunity to play against other teams in the middle of the summer like this, especially pro-level teams. So, I think that’s a big advantage to see where we’re at right now," said redshirt junior, John Hall.

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