Local basketball star Aric Holman gives back to community

Holman signed with the Lakers this summer

Local basketball star Aric Holman gives back

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - He was a star on the court in Owensboro, now Aric Holman has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, but before getting a shot at the pros, the hometown hero is giving back to his community.

Holman, an Owensboro high school grad, is now a local celebrity after signing with the Lakers, especially with the kids at the Neblett Center.

“I’ve seen him in his game and I’ve always wanted to play with him," said Kyrin Cox, one of the kids that goes to the Neblett Center.

For many of the kids, that dream came true Tuesday.

“I cherish all these moments because when I grew up, I didn’t really have these moments to look up to somebody," Holman said. "I take advantage of every time someone calls me and want me to talk. I’m gonna go with it because I only need one kids out of the group to be inspired.”

Holman remembers when he was a kid training, even shooting in the same gym.

“I used to come here too because they would stay open a little later," he said. "So I would be a Dugan Best all day. And then when that closed, I would come straight over here and play basketball all night.”

For many of the teachers at the Neblett Center, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase a male role model for many kids that don’t have one.

“I’ve been here eight years and I think this is the happiest I’ve ever seen them," said T’Onna Drake, the lead preschool teacher at the Neblett Center. "Better than Santa Clause coming today.”

Holman was happy to help and to play with the kids.

Training camp starts for Holman in September and he hopes to make a roster spot when the regular season starts.

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