Saturday racing canceled at Ellis Park due to heat; Sunday on as schedule

Friday racing canceled at Ellis Park due to heat

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - Ellis Park has canceled all racing for Saturday in addition to Friday’s cancellation because of the heat, but Sunday racing is on as schedule.

The show with the band Tailgate Revival is also canceled.

These decisions were all about safety and trying to be proactive.

Track officials don’t want to risk anyone or any animals getting hurt. They made this decision early Thursday because a lot of these horses and jockeys come here from long distances so they wanted to notify them before they got loaded up to travel here.

This isn’t the first time Ellis Park has canceled races due to extreme temperatures.

Extreme heat forces Ellis Park to cancel Fri. racing

“We know it is going to be hot in the summertime here, everybody knows it’s brutally hot this time of year," said Ellis Park Racing Secretary Dan Bork. "But we prepare for it, there is only so much you can do. You know, there are animals, people, horses and we don’t want anybody to get hurt or anything bad to happen so... safety first.”

Bork says those who had reserved seating and dining here for Friday were given the option to receive a refund or reschedule.

As of right now, Sunday races are still on as scheduled, but Bork said track officials will be constantly monitoring the conditions.

“The horses, they can’t actually talk to us,” said Bork. “We have veterinarians stationed all around, we have water stations for them all around, our trainers know what to do. But still, they’re animals and we’ve gotta protect them, so this is what we’re doing.”

The track will remain open with simulcast wagering on other tracks still available for fans.

Ellis Park said on Twitter racing will take place on Sunday.

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