Kentucky Bike Rally gets support from local church

Kentucky Bike Rally gets support from local church

STURGIS, Ky. (WFIE) - During the Kentucky Bike Rally the population in the town doubles, possibly even triples.

"Its a very busy weekend," says event owner Carlene Thomas.

People bring campers and some come from as far as Alaska. And around 6,000 people are expected to come for some fun in the hot summer weather.

The event gets a lot of help from the surrounding community. The First Baptist Church in Sturgis is providing 12 showers to those at the rally.

They have been providing the service for four years.

“We know it’s going to get hot,” says Pastor Shane O’Guin. “And they’ll be looking for a nice shower. We were just looking for a way to minister to the people, we know that its a large amount of people that come in. We’ve put in these showers to let the people know that we care for them, and it also give us some opportunity to meet some needs and pray with them.”

Thomas says she appreciates the extra help.

“There’s no where else you can give testimony to have this many people in town at one time,” says Thomas. “So its great that the church is doing that for us.”

A service the church hopes to continue in the years to come.

The Bike Rally is located at 125 Pryor Blvd. Sturgis, Kentucky and goes until July 21.

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