Exec. Director commends pool staff for actions after shooting near pool

Exec. Director commends pool staff for actions after shooting near pool

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Lots of families flock to neighborhood pools to cool off, but on Wednesday people took cover at Rochelle-Landers Pool when they heard gunshots.

If you think about the lifeguard staff here at the pool a lot of these are young men and women are in high school or college. City officials say they were quick on their feet and followed protocol during a chaotic situation.

Evansville Parks Department Executive Director Brian Holtz tells us the staff made sure to get everyone out of the pool and into the men’s and women’s restrooms in order to secure the area and keep the guests safe.

Although there was no way for the staff to be in control of what was happening outside of the pool, they took control of the guests who were inside.

These situations can be dangerous, and scary, but Holtz says their swift action deserves praise.

“When you think of lifeguards, you think of water rescue, you think of someone who might have difficulty swimming, so this had nothing to do with any of that," explained Holtz. "But yet, that young staff handled it the best they could and in a way that is to be commended so I think it is important that we take that position serious.”

Holtz says the pool is operating on it’s normal schedule.

As for the investigation, police say no one was hurt and they haven’t made any arrests.

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