Sewer maintenance underway on Evansville’s west side

Sewer maintenance underway on Evansville’s west side

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It may not be a pretty procedure, but the Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities Department will tell you it is a necessary one. Crews are cleaning out the sewer lines on the west side.

“We’ll run a hose through the lines and internally pressure wash them, essentially. Pulling roots, grease, everything that could be collecting in the sewer out before you see a backup or something like that in your house," said CMOM Manager Andrew Peters.

Crews have been cleaning the lines just south of the Lloyd Expressway near Daniel Wertz Elementary. They will soon move and begin work in west side neighbors north of the Lloyd Expressway.

“After the cleaning is finished, we’ll send a camera through the line and televise the line looking for any defects or anything that may cause an issue somewhere down the line,” said Peters.

People living in the work areas received a letter warning of potential small, but unusual disruptions such as a bad smell or burping sound coming from their drains, and on rare occasions, water splashing out of drains.

“If you have a property line cleanout cap, if you remove that, that helps take some of the back pressure off the cleaning and may reduce the likelihood of any water in your traps being sucked out which can allow sewer gas to move into your house,” said Peters.

If you are not one that has a property line cleanout cap, just running the water can minimize a potential smell.

“Just run some water into your drains and that will refill the traps under your sink, under your bathtub and your plumbing and that will keep the gas from coming through," said Peters.

Once crews are finished with the cleaning, they’ll move to another location and you’ll notice that they’ll remove signs out of your neighborhood, but long crews stay in one location depends on what they find in the system.

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