911 fee could be moved to Henderson Co. water bill

911 fee could be moved to Henderson Co. water bill

HENDERSON CO, Ky. (WFIE) - In Henderson County, a 911 fee could be moved to your water bill.

County leaders are looking at ways to move their monthly 911 fee. Right now, it’s on all landlines, but with fewer people having home phones, Judge-executive Brad Schneider says it’s hurt the amount collected from the fees.

That’s why he says they’re considering to add it to water bills instead.

Right now, the fee is $2.50 a month. That amount wouldn’t go up, just move to where more people pay.

“We just have to educate people about the importance of them supporting 911 and I think we all know that 911 in some form of fashion has helped everyone, either you called them, a friend called them for you or a family member. It is one of the most important services we provide in public safety," said Brad Schneider.

Schneider says the city pays 75 percent of the 911 fees while the county contributes the remaining 25 percent.

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