Residents divided over proposed Posey Co. wind turbine farm

Residents divided over proposed Posey Co. wind turbine farm
Updated: Jul. 12, 2019 at 2:57 PM CDT
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POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - A community is divided over a proposed wind turbine farm coming to the area.

Zach Helfert, a Posevyville resident talked about issues he and many others have with the turbines.

“Mishaps, malfunctions what happens when it malfunctions, what are the big safety concerns for that,” said Helfert.

That proposed project would put wind turbines and natural energy in Posey County. Signs for and against the farm line the roadways in the county.

[Energy company looks at wind farm potential inn Gibson, Posey Counties]

That’s not the only thing upsetting the small community here though.

At a recent meeting several people spoke out against the school board accepting a donation from that wind energy company. The school district says it is simply a donation with no strings attached.

“We went out and asked about four or five businesses to give us donations," Superintendent Dr. Todd Camp said. "And all of them committed verbally early on. We asked for the money. The money is coming in now. And the only string attached is in the board meeting when we collect the money we will let everyone know who made the donations.”

The school asked for $45,000 from that company called E.On. They tell us it is going directly toward stem labs for the students.

“We have nothing to do with E.On," Dr. Camp said. "We have nothing to do whether they come or don’t come, and whether we accept a donation or not has nothing to do whether they come or not.”

The district is anticipating about $15,000 from the company to go directly towards STEM labs in the schools.

“STEM labs will be a place for the kids to expand their curiosity, be creative, innovative, collaborative, all those skills that you need really to be a successful adult in the 21st century,” says Dr. Angela Wannemuehler, Assistant Superintendent for the school district.

The STEM labs are one of many projects the school is working on.

They are working on replacing all of the lockers for the boys and girls at North Posey. A new football field that doesn’t flood is going in.

Parking lots are also being resurfaced. They hope to replace old playgrounds and make them all inclusive.

The district says donations make all of this possible, but some say accepting the E.On donation could risk the districts neutrality.

“E.On used their financial influence to get any support they can for their project,” Helfert added.

The school district said they have accepted donations from several other companies, all intended to improve the school district.

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