Ostrich among latest animals killed in Muhlenberg Co.

Ostrich among latest animals killed in Muhlenberg Co.

Muhlenberg Co., Ky. (WFIE) - The Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting death of an ostrich.

It happened overnight on July 4, south of Greenville. The owners said in a social media post that fireworks were going off so they didn’t hear the gunshot.

They say it was their largest male ostrich.

Last month, a horse was found shot to death less than 10 minutes away.

Authorities are also investigating the deaths of two donkeys in that area that are believed to have been shot.

Sheriff Deputies can’t confirm but believe it might be the same person killing these animals.

“As you can see these areas [points at map] are all in a close proximity," explains Deputy Sheriff Alex Piper. "Again, like I said based on that, kind of leads me to believe that it’s someone local that lives in this area that would know that these folks have these animals.”

The owner of the horse that was killed feels the same way.

“Common sense kind of tells me that yeah they’re probably all related," says Steve Newman. "It’s probably the same perpetrators in each instant. For a couple of reasons. Maybe the caliber bullet that it appeared that was used on my horse and then on this latest instance with the bird. It looks like small caliber, maybe .22. And the other thing is is proximity. It’s basically within the same neighborhood you might say. For a rural area anyway it’s the same neighborhood.”

The Greenville area has a large livestock population so sheriff’s deputies suggest owners keep a close eye on their animals. Deputies will be increasing their patrols throughout the area.

Deputies urge anyone with information to call 270-338-3345 or 270-338-2000.

Ostrich shot in Muhlenberg Co.
Ostrich shot in Muhlenberg Co. (Source: Muhlenberg Co. Sheriff's Office)

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