The Bridges Golf Course of Henderson nears grand opening

The Bridges Golf Course of Henderson nears grand opening

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - The Rotary Club took their meeting outside on Thursday for a look at the new Bridges Golf Course.

Its been a long saga for the property of the former Players Club Golf Course. After three years it is set to re-open as The Bridges Golf Course of Henderson.

“The course got grown up with weeds and grass and ponds coated over with moss and fungi,” explains Henderson Mayor Steve Austin. “These fellas that have taken it over now have really worked hard on it. I mean they worked 12-hour days trying to get it ready and get it the best it can be. I think next year at this time it’ll be even better. We’ve heard a lot of good comments about it from the neighborhood and also from the community about getting this back open and I think once they get out here and play it they’ll be even more excited.”

The Bridges Golf Course of Henderson nears grand opening

Earlier this year the city purchased the land and then K & J Course Management signed a contract to manage the course.

“This could be a staple for the entire community forever basically, and we wanna be a part of that and that’s the reason why we wanted to get involved,” says K&J Course Management Owner Jeremy Ross. “We’re leasing it from the city, so ya know it’s a long-term agreement and it’s up to us moving forwards to keep everything moving smooth and we’re up for the challenge. Doing a lot of work to the cart paths and bunker renovations; lotta pond things being done to clean them up, the greens are completely redone, so it’s pretty much a total renovation. I think everybody’s excited. I don’t think we’ve heard a single negativity during the whole process.”

The course will have its official grand opening in less than two weeks on July 24.

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