Heat a factor at Gibson Co. fair

Indiana’s longest-running county fair

Heat a factor at Gibson Co. fair

GIBSON CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Gibson County is home to Indiana’s longest-running county fair with 2019 being its 164th annual fair.

With heat being a factor at this year’s fair, having temperatures being in the upper 80s and 90s all week, animals at the fair are being watched extra closely.

Kids from around Princeton bring their livestock to compete in the 4-H fair. These animals range from bunnies to horses and cattle to chickens.

Since these animals are out in the heat for five days straight, the fair brings in a veterinarian every year.

“We really pay close attention to the animals all week just to make sure that they’re handling the heat stress. And their health is in top priority around here as we’re watching them throughout the week," said county fair veterinarian John Feutz.

The fair is set up for the veterinarian to make his rounds to check on the animals, but kids involved in the 4-H are also taking precautions to keep their animals cool.

“Every animal owner that is their most important thing. The owner wants them to stay comfortable and cool and healthy. So things that we do in the barn at the fair are we have big fans, you know the barn is made to have good airflow, open on both ends. We have water available to them at all times. At the barn, it’s a little different. We have misters and things. But definitely always checking on the cows,” said Ranell Rexing, owner of New Generation Dairy Farm.

The animals and their owners started the 4-H competition on Sunday and will end on Thursday.

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